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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules    2010-11-30, 20:15

IMPORTANT! Please read these rules.

These rules should be followed by everyone using this forum. Anyone who go against the rules may be temporarily or permanently banned depending on the fault.

1. Respect all members. All of us should be respectful, polite, and kind to each other. Everyone's free to say what they want BUT, if you're always constantly saying what you think [even if it's an idea] and won't respect other people's opinions, why not behave so you won't get a penalty?

2. DON'T BE ARROGANT. It makes my day bad! irritated Be humble! Say things in polite way!

3. No spamming. Don't post spams like "yeah", "haha", "^^", "xD", etc. that isn't really needed. If you would put something like that, please add on something related to the topic.

4. Keep this forum clean. No posting of porn. This is NOT a hentai forum! Users with avatars or signatures like that will be temporarily banned and we will let you in again after you change it.

5. If you see something bad or against the rules, please immediately report it to the administrator, heads, or moderators. Let them handle those things! Wink

6. Do not ask for the release dates of our projects. The project status will be updated regularly on the website.

7. If you want our releases to be translated to your language, please PM the administrators so that we can discuss about your request. Please don't forget to credit us.

8. Do not ever remove the credits page! We are working hard for our projects so please give credits to us.

9. Being a hard worker is needed but saying some things just because of what you have contributed is NOT necessary.

10. Read the rules of releases if you are a distributor (in the releases section of the forum).

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Forum Rules
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