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 Wazz up?! XD

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PostSubject: Wazz up?! XD   2011-03-31, 17:59


My name is Ann~
I come from Australia and by the way we dont jump inside Kangaroo pouch cuz is so GROSS! And we dont always said G'day mate! Just saying incase~ XD

In my last yr in High School! Finish school at the age of 17yrs old (average)! Also pretty lay back

See you around dudes lol~
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PostSubject: Re: Wazz up?! XD   2011-03-31, 18:11

Hey!! It's an Aussie! I live across the other side of the ditch....., stereotypes about Aussie is fun. We tease my History teacher because he's Australian. ^^ All goods, man.

Anyway, welcome to NC! I hope you make yourself feel at home here and I hope you enjoy our releases!

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PostSubject: Re: Wazz up?! XD   2011-03-31, 18:25

Hello Ann
Welcome to Night Constellations
You can call me dichi
Enjoy your stay here Smile

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Assistant Head Editor

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PostSubject: Re: Wazz up?! XD   2011-03-31, 21:16

Luckily we don't have kangaroos here so we can't stand in kangeroo pouch either, though dog or cat poo is possible....
Oho, you finish school at 17?
We finish school at either 16 (lowest niveau), 17 (middle niveau) or 18 (highest niveau).
Which means I'll have to go through another year. :<
Anyways, welcome to NC!
Please help us keep the forum alive and enjoy our releases. ^^


Don't get eaten.. ~ <3
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Head Chinese Translator

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PostSubject: Re: Wazz up?! XD   2011-03-31, 21:40

Hey Ann naughty
Wow, cool. Australia is an awesome place thumbs up
What makes you think we would think that jumping inside a kangaroo pouch is related to Australia? LOL. singing
So are you pretty old? LOL. ehem
You can call me Ki-chan.
Welcome to NC hehe
See you around as well~


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PostSubject: Re: Wazz up?! XD   

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Wazz up?! XD
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