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 hi all!!!

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PostSubject: hi all!!!   2012-04-08, 02:57

hello, minna-san!! newbie here. Smile

i've been in love with mangas ever since i was little. believe it or not, when i was 8, my birthday present is the manga glass mask, and 1 set of a manga called pansy. those got me started loving mangas and still read it even now, but of course i'm more into jousei and seinen, less shoujo n shounen. *grahh.. i hate to admit i'm getting old!!* :p

jya, yoroshiku! ^^
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PostSubject: Re: hi all!!!   2012-04-08, 06:43

Hello there shinjou-chan!!

Thank you for stopping by at our forum and getting yourself known here!

Fortunately for you, you've been into manga for a long time. My experience? Well, I've been into manga since I was 14 where I was introduced Ouran HSHC by my friend. From that day onwards, I read like mad haha! Later on I found out the anime I was raised on were derived from manga! So who knew! I was involved from the very beginning!

Hi five! I believe we have similar tastes but I read all genres. It depends on my mood what I like to read. You're never too old for manga, I believe. ^^

Hope that more of us will get to know you!

Oh, and warm welcome too~ Smile
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PostSubject: Re: hi all!!!   2012-04-09, 23:49

Hiya there.

My introduction into the world of anime/manga was polemon when i was very young. Most ppl tend to forget that pokemon was an anime. Then came digimon and if i remember correctly( i think i miss out something) Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha was next. I only started reading manga a few years back after i gave up on watch trailers for naruto lolz:)

Anyways Welcome to teh forums:D
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PostSubject: Re: hi all!!!   

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hi all!!!
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